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Virtual Biz Partner

Based out of Missouri, Sara Lingenfelter is CEO of Virtual Biz Partner. As a mom business mentor and systems guru, she works with women who desperately seek to work from home or grow their home-based business – without losing their minds or precious family time!

Sara and I were introduced in 2013 from none other than Natalie MacNeil (via Amanda Aitken). We’ve been together ever since. ⚡️ From stationery, eBooks, sales pages, and social media campaigns, Sara’s brand has beautifully evolved over the years with the intent of helping more people achieve happiness and balance in their lives.

As if she wasn’t enough of a #bossbabe, Sara recently launched her Virtual Biz Partner Academy, a 6-month online training course designed to help women learn the must-have basic skills to become a successful VA and skip all the struggles when starting their own business.

Featured Projects:

  • Business Card
  • 10 Easy Steps to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant eBook
  • 31 Day VA Sales Page
  • Gimme 5 Challenge Campaign | Facebook, Leadpages